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Protection When You're Away

Whether it’s your home or business, we all take comfort in knowing that what we care about is safe and secure. You may not be able to be on guard 24-hours a day, but thanks to CCTV cameras and other home security camera systems, you can protect what matters to you without the ongoing expense of employing a security firm.

CCTV systems also provide a visible deterrent to intruders, while the technology used in many security camera systems means you can integrate cameras with your TV, PC, smartphone and tablet from anywhere in the world.

You can also:

  • Lock and unlock doors
  • Adjust your heating and lighting
  • CCTV & Security

    Security camera systems

    Choosing which CCTV system is right for you will depend on what you want to monitor (your home or your office, for example), what you need to film, and how you want to connect your system (through a TV, a monitor, or record through a digital video recorder (DVR)). Green and Gold will help you to choose the option that’s best for you.

    Wired, wireless and IP cameras

    If you already have a CCTV kit and are looking to extend the network of security cameras for your home or business Green and Gold can install both wired and wireless CCTV systems.

    If you need to record what are you are viewing, wired CCTV systems provide the best picture quality with zero interference. Wired CCTV cameras most commonly use BNC plugs, which can be connected to your TV using an adaptor, or directly into a DVR. However, wired cameras can be more difficult to install and cannot be easily moved to another location.

    Wireless security camera systems take away the worry of video cables running around your property – all you need is a power source. Using the latest digital technology, some wireless CCTV cameras offer an improved transmission range of up to 200m. Although these cameras are often easier to install and move around than wired ones, they can sometimes suffer interference from other wireless signals, like WiFi networks.

    Internet Protocol cameras, or IP cameras, work in a similar way to traditional webcams, by sending and receiving data via the internet. IP cameras offer as open or closed access to the footage as needed, while the images recorded can be viewed remotely using any PC. However, these cameras are often more expensive than wired and wireless cameras.


    DVRs enable users to simultaneously monitor and record numerous cameras with motion detection triggers. Any recordings are saved onto the DVR hard drives and can be played back on the DVR itself, or transferred to alternative media. When choosing your DVR, it’s important to consider how many cameras you need it to record. A 4 Channel DVR can be linked up to four CCTV cameras, an 8 Channel DVR to eight cameras, a 16 Channel DVR to 16, and so on.

    Benefits of Installing CCTV

  • Protect your family.
  • Protect your premises against intruders & Vandals & thieves.
  • Protect & monitor your home & business.
  • Legal evidence when required.
  • Proof against Public Liability Claims.
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